Working with Roman Polanski

Written by Fritz on September 30th, 2009

‘I never paid much attention to what Mr. Polanski did, but when I discovered the details last weekend, I was horrified. Althouse has written the best piece I have yet read.

However, I have not seen mentioned the one thought I keep having on the matter:

How has anyone been able to work with this guy? If you’re an actor, and he’s directing you, how do you not imagine and recoil at the image of his heinous act? If you’re an investor, and having a meeting about putting money behind his next project, how do you not imagine and recoil at the image of his horrendous act? If you’re a woman who is a mother, and you meet him in a room, any room, how do you not recoil at the image of what he has done? How do you not wonder how he is actually in that room, a pedophile roaming free so your children remain unprotected?

I love the movie Chinatown. It is one of my favorite films. I don’t know if I can watch it again without getting angry.

I have a sixteen year old daughter. This girl was thirteen. I just can’t imagine it without recoiling in horror. If there is any justice, this guy Polanski won’t be let out of prison, ever again.


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