What’s this “My President” silliness?

Written by Fritz on November 4th, 2008

Roger Kimball is over at PM is quoting Andrew McCarthy trying to separate himself from those who would “tear down the country…” to which I responded:

Your post is correctly conditional, but I’d make it more so. I have no intention to tear down the country, but perceive that Obama plans to do just that. If Obama wins by 10 points, then we should indeed become the loyal opposition. But if he wins only by one or two, then there will be undeniable questions about his legitimacy. Without a “clean” result, amid such obvious election fraud and intimidation, how can we lose gracefully? I just hope McCain is willing to put up a fighter’s fight for America to make the election legitimate.

But why don”t we go even further? How do we demand a fair accounting?

ACORN has been front and center in the news (at least the right-leaning news) this season. I also read that people are using absentee ballots to vote twice. And black panthers are intimidating people with billy clubs. Winning has evidently become so important that it doesn’t matter how the game is played.

We can’t accept it. We can’t concede. The cheating has to stop. It has to be fair. And that has to start with laws that are enforced. And real journalism.

The only thing worse is that the cheater in this game is going to get a shiny new set of guns to come after what is ours. And they will because all their promises say they have to. Since liberty is so dangerous, they plan to round it up and put it in a corral.


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